Pitzer College Board of Trustees

Harold Brown

国产偷拍视频As the chair of the Board of Trustees, I’m honored to welcome you to Pitzer College. Together with my colleagues on the Board, our faculty, students, staff, alumni, parents and friends on campus and around the world, I am pleased to share our story of innovative academic excellence. We are dedicated to providing a liberal arts education that is bold and transformational for each and every student. At Pitzer, we foster a diverse, energetic community that prepares students to think critically, act effectively and live lives of purpose.

Harold A. Brown
Chair of the Board; Partner, Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown, Inc.

Board Members

Bridget Baker ’82 on leave
Founder & Principal, Baker Media Inc.

Angela Glover Blackwell GP’21
CEO, PolicyLink

Thomas Brock ’83
国产偷拍视频Director, Community College Research Center

Harold A. Brown
Chair of the Board; Partner, Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown, Inc.

Steven Chang ’83, P’ 23
Hong Kong

Mark Eggert P’18
Senior Vice President of Contractual and Regulatory Affairs, Centene Corporation

Tyrus Emory ’08
国产偷拍视频Creative Producer, Martian Entertainment

Robert Fairbairn
国产偷拍视频Vice Chairman & Interim Head of Human Resources, BlackRock

Louise Ann Fernandez
国产偷拍视频Partner, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP | JMBM

Ruett Stephen Foster ’81
国产偷拍视频Senior Pastor, Community Bible Church

Wendy Glenn ’75
Los Angeles, California

David H. Good P’20
CFO and General Counsel, CreditSights, Inc.

Donald P. Gould
国产偷拍视频President & Chief Investment Officer, Gould Asset Management LLC

Jill Klein P’15
Executive in Residence, Kogod School of Business, American University

David Levin ’90
国产偷拍视频Chief Investment Officer/Principal, Magellan Investment Partners, LLC

Charles Mangum P’19
国产偷拍视频Chief Investment Officer, Baylon Capital Management

Lori O’Hollaren ’90
Assistant Vice Provost for International Affairs; Director, Global Studies Institute
国产偷拍视频University of Oregon

Melvin L. Oliver
President, Pitzer College

Kenneth R. Pitzer
Vice President, Strategic and Commercial Planning, Theravance Biopharma, Inc.

Craig Ponzio P’22
国产偷拍视频Evergreen, Colorado

Douglas Price ’80 & P’20
President, Price Brothers

Robert Redford
Santa Monica, California

Jon Reingold P’18
国产偷拍视频Bellevue, Washington

Alissa Okuneff Roston ’78 & P’06
Beverly Hills, California

Noah “Josh” Schlesinger ’04
国产偷拍视频President and CEO, Schlesinger Companies

William D. Sheinberg ’83 & P’12
国产偷拍视频Partner, The Bubble Factory

Michele Siqueiros ’95
Alumni Board Representative

Shahan Soghikian ’80
国产偷拍视频Managing Director, Panorama Capital

Eugene P. Stein
Los Angeles, California

Kevin Stein P’20
President and CEO, TransDigm Group

Tracy M. Tindle ’82
Bend, Oregon

Michael R. Weinholtz P’17
Los Angeles, California

Emeriti Trustees

Hirschel B. Abelson P’92
国产偷拍视频 President, Stralem & Company, Inc.

Robert H. Atwell
国产偷拍视频Former President, Pitzer College

Eli Broad P’78
国产偷拍视频The Broad Foundations

William G. Brunger P’01
国产偷拍视频President, PODS Research, LLC

Susan G. Dolgen P’97
Wood River Ventures

Patricia G. Hecker P’76
St. Louis, Missouri

Deborah Bach Kallick ’78
国产偷拍视频Vice President, Government & Industry Relations, Cedars-Sinai Health System

Robin Kramer ’75
国产偷拍视频Executive Director, Harbor Freight Tools for Schools

Marilyn Chapin Massey, PhD
Former President, Pitzer College

Arnold Palmer
Vice President – Investments, Western International Securities

Murray Pepper, PhD
国产偷拍视频President, Home Silk Properties, Inc.

Edith L. Piness, PhD
Director & Secretary to the Board, San Francisco Museum & Historical Society

Russell M. Pitzer, PhD
国产偷拍视频Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Chemistry, The Ohio State University

Susan S. Pritzker P’93
国产偷拍视频Chicago, Illinois

Richard J. Riordan
Former Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Margot Levin Schiff P’90, P’95
Chicago, Illinois

Deborah Deutsch Smith, PhD ’68
Professor of Special Education & Director, IRIS-West, Claremont Graduate University

Lisa Specht
国产偷拍视频Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Laura Skandera Trombley, PhD
Former President, Pitzer College

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